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Page last updated on February 18, 2009

Articles are provided as a source of information and does not constitute endorsement by Florida's Online Composting Center, Sarasota County Government, the University of Florida, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, or any other entity other than the author.

Following are current articles that might be of interest to compost enthusiasts: 

Ann Lovejoy Speaks Out Against Killer Compost 1/10/02
This a precautionary article for those composting to be aware of the potential risks of  using products which might have been sprayed with the herbicide clopyralid.

Dow Urged to Withdraw Weed Killer 11/1/01
A new e-mail campaign is demanding that Dow AgroSciences take clopyralid containing herbicides off the market. 

Happenings Page Listings of compost and environmental activities in Florida, such as bin sales, workshops, seminars, and fairs.