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Hurricane Information and Resources

    Disaster Handbook Univ of Florida disaster website information
    Disaster Handbook en Espanol UF disaster website information in Spanish
    Disaster Housing Resources Helps disaster victims to find housing and FEMA assistance
    Disaster Information in Spanish help the Hispanic/Latino community
    before, during, and after a natural disaster
    Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Florida disaster information
    Federal Alliance for Safe Homes

    Protecting yourself from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, thunderstorms, lightning, power outages, terrorism and wildfires
    Federal Emergency Management Association Most complete disaster preparedness libraries on Web.
    Federation of Manufactured Homeowners Association Hurricane Safety for manufactured home residents

    High Performance Glazing and Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

    Hurricane Protection Magazine New products and technologies
    My Safe Florida Home Great information on Hurricane Preparation including insurance
    National Hazards Center Univ of Colorado's int'l clearinghouse for information on natural hazards
    National Hurricane Center Florida's leading authority on Atlantic Basin hurricanes
    National Weather Service Southern Regional Headquarters web site
    State of Florida Consumer-related information on health, safety and the environment
    Florida - Dept. of Community Affairs Building Code Information System
    Florida Statewide Emergency Management Information Up-to-the-minute citizen emergency information, including evacation information
    Building a Safe Room   Instructions for building a safe room
    Building a Safe Room Inside Your Home; Taking Shelter From the Storm Instructions for building a safe room
    Concrete Network - Safe Rooms Instructions for building a safe room
    Disaster-safe residential construction techniques Start-of-the-art techniques for making your home secure

    Efficient Windows Collaborative - Selection Tool

    Efficient Windows Collaborative - Selection Tool

    How to Build a Safe Room (Animated) How to build a safe room ID=183
    PolySteel Safe Rooms How to build a safe room

    Animated How-to Videos for Hurricane Preparations

    Animated How-to Videos for Hurricane Preparations
    Are You Ready For A  Flood How to deal with flash flooding
    Are You Ready For A Hurricane How to prepare for a Hurricane

    Homeowner's Do-It-Yourself Wind Inspection

    Homeowner's Do-It-Yourself Wind Inspection

    Florida Department of Financial Services Protect your financial interests - insurance and financial tips
    International Hurricane Protection Association Search by state to find contractors

    Planning Ahead and Preparing for Disasters

    Disaster Preparation

    PLYLOX Hurricane Window Clips
    Red Cross - Preparedness Zone How to prepare for a storm
    Saving the Whole Family Web site on disaster preparedness
    Sarasota County All Hazards Sarasota County Disaster Website

    Insurance for wind resistive features Search for Florida homeowners insurance incentives for wind mitigation
    Animals in Disaster Help pet owners deal with disasters
    Disaster Preparedness for Pets  Preparation for  people owning pets
    Emergency Animal Sheltering; Equine Shelter FL Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services website
    National Organization on Disability Emergency preparedness for people with disabilities
    People with Disabilities Children with special health care needs
    Pet accommodations Help pet owners find suitable accommodations away from home
    American Red Cross Keeps residents informed on disaster response and recovery operations
    Barnyard Animal Rescue Plan Animal assistance during disasters,0_604_,00.html
    Charlotte County
    Emergency Management
    Contact Information
    Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Insurance website for storms
    Disaster Contractors Network Information and resources for contractors to repair/rebuild after a disaster strikes
    Florida Department of Community Affairs Emergency Home Repair Program
    Florida Division of Emergency Management Craig Fugate, Director, State of Florida Emergency Management e-mail to: craig.fugate@dca.state.fl
    Manatee County Emergency Management Contact Information
    Roof Information Web site on repairs to roofs
    Sarasota County Emergency Management 
    All Hazards
    Disaster Information: Before, During, After
    State of Florida - Public Information Officer State of FL Emergency Management Contact Information e-mail to:
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